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International Council
The International Council (IC) has existed at the Academy for thirteen years as a club and two years as a council and a multicultural organization created to support, and organize the activities of the international cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Membership in the Council, as well as participation in all IC activities is open to all USCGA cadets. The International Council joined the USCGA Diversity Council in 2008.

Mission of the USCGA International Council

The USCGA IC is expected to expand the international perspectives and cross-cultural competence of the core of CGA cadets through:
  • Supporting, promoting, and strengthening the international dimension of the CGA through various programs and activities.
  • Providing the CGA cadets with learning experiences on cultural and social issues that are unique and have a great impact on cadets’ understanding of different cultures, religions, and traditions.
  • Exposing the CGA cadets to different cultures and providing them with positive experiences that will better prepare them for their future as Coast Guard officers in charge of a diverse workforce and interacting with foreign nationals in an increasingly global international community.
  • Providing a support network as well as a sense of camaraderie for the CGA international cadets.
  • Providing a forum in which International cadets will be able to discuss their culture heritage, culture, and other relevant issues.
  • Supporting the development of appropriate activities that have an international and intercultural focus to prepare the CGA cadets for effective participation in the dynamic global society.
  • Providing information concerning the International Council programs and policies to the Corps of cadets, the Academy, and other organizations.
  • Creating a network and enhance relations between the International Council, the Academy and other local multicultural organizations.
  • Encouraging collaboration on international projects and programs among the Academy’s cadets.
  • Establishing international links and consortia with relevant educational institutions and other organizations.
  • Promoting foreign language conversation and study across the Academy; especially Asian languages, and Arabic.