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International Ballroom Dance Club
In daily life, it is sometimes hard to find time to enjoy the 'finer' things. This is why a select group of cadets decided to form The International Ballroom Dance Club (IBDC).

The United States Coast Guard Academy prides itself in the development of young leaders. Our service demands that cadets devote time to actively develop their professional relationships within the CG community. Intelligence, integrity, strength, courage, and the simple yet imperative social graces are required skills in order for anyone to be successful. The CGA International Ballroom Dance Club (IBDC) not only provides cadets with an opportunity to represent the Academy positively in the New England community; it does so in an enjoyable, yet rigorous environment. The IBDC started out small and was largely focused on swing dance. With the growing popularity of the more formal ballroom dancing among colleges all over the nation and exposure to ballroom dancing by television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” many cadets expressed the desire to expand their footwork skills to include other complicated dances.

With Dr. Zapalska’s (Professor of Economics and the IBDC advisor and coach) dance background, passion for art, and wonderful teaching style to guide them, for the last eight years the CGA cadets have been developing proficiency for an art that builds confidence, poise and grace. As more cadets learn about the fun, the club continues to grow. From an initial handful of cadets, club membership is now at nearly one hundred and twenty.

Community Dances are hosted by the USCGA International Ballroom Dance Club and are free and open to the CGA community and the public. 

Lesson: 6:30-8 p.m.
Dance: 8-10 p.m.

2013 Fall Semester Schedule (subject to change)

Friday, October 4th: International Style Cha Cha with Greg Duda - THE COMMUNITY DANCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED!
Friday, November 22nd: American Style Waltz with Greg Duda

2014 Spring Semester Schedule (subject to change)

Friday, February 21st: International Style Rumba with Greg Duda
Friday, Friday, March 28th: American Style Foxtrot with Greg Duda
Friday, April 18th: Paso Doble with Greg Duda

Location: Coast Guard Academy Leamy Ballroom, New London, Connecticut 

Contact:  Dr. Alina Zapalska (Staff Advisor)