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Nathan White 
Cadet Profile
Nathan White  Nathan White
Fort Mill, SC - Class of 2012
Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences  

Hey! My name is Nathan White, and I am currently a 2/c at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I am from Fort Mill, South Carolina, but have lived all over the country during my time before the Coast Guard, including Louisiana, Georgia, and Washington state. My mother is a C.P.A. for my local school district, and my father is a transportation manager, but used to be enlisted in the Coast Guard. Through this blogging program, I will try to share with you the trials and tribulations, but more frequently the rewards of choosing to attend a service academy.

In high school, it was almost expected that I to go to Clemson or University of South Carolina with almost all of my classmates, graduate and move on. I was never the kid in high school anyone expected to go to a service academy, having been a class clown for those years. However, once I was accepted, I knew I could not say no to this opportunity. As a twenty-year old, I have sailed the Mediterranean, gone to Monaco, Spain, and Italy for free, led freshman through the rigors of Swab Summer, and played college football. There are very few of my high school friends at state school that can say that they have done any of those things!

Currently I am enjoying my 2/c year at the Academy, from academics to athletics to military life. My major of Marine and Environmental Science has been fascinating, as I have started to get into classes which really interest me, such as Physical Chemistry and Fish Biology. In terms of athletics, football has been a huge part of my experience here. There is no better or closer group at the Academy, and to be a part of a team that always has your back is a special experience. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to sharing my experiences, anecdotes, and observations with you, but also would enjoy receiving any feedback or questions via email Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact me!