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Cadet Profile
alt name  Samantha Corcoran
Slatington, PA ‐ Class of 2016
Major: Management  

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Corcoran and I’m a 1/c cadet here at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I’m from the great state of Pennsylvania and I couldn’t imagine having my roots anywhere else. Coming from a small town definitely has its ups and downs but I’m so glad I have the ability to travel the world now with the Coast Guard. I have seen so many amazing places and experienced so many things I would not have if I didn’t join the service.

A little about me: I’m not afraid to say that I am a bit of a basic blonde girl. Many of my friends from home were surprised I joined the military because I am all about chick flicks (Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, and Bridesmaids are my favorites), anything and everything pink, Taylor Swift, and dressing up. Fortunately, once you’re at the Academy for two years, you will regain the privilege to wear civilian clothes and it will be glorious.

I’m a soccer player here at the Academy, however I did also run cross country and track for my first two years so I can answer questions on those sports as well. Sports are such a great outlet while you’re here and they give you a wonderful opportunity to form close bonds with people who you wouldn’t normally see every day.

Feel free to read my blogs and ask me any questions you have! I always make time for anyone who emails me: