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Cadet Profile
Profile Jade Schroeder  Jade Schroeder
Missoula, MT - Class of 2016
Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences 

Hello all! My name is Jade Schroeder I am a member of the class of 2016 and I am a Marine and Environmental Science major here at the Coast Guard Academy. I am originally from Missoula, Montana but I have spent a lot of time on the water whether it was lakes, rivers or the occasional ocean. Growing up, I never really knew anything about the Coast Guard. I’ve wanted to join the military since I was eight but I always thought it would be in another branch such as the Air Force. Coincidentally, my step mother is an Air Force veteran and she was the one who gave me the idea of going to a service academy. I didn’t really know much about them, but when I found out that I would be going to college as well as be in the military it was a hard offer to pass up. I originally looked at the Air Force Academy, but I’ve always been interested in Marine Biology. My junior year of high school I actually went on an ecological trip to Costa Rica to work with leatherback sea turtles at an English research station! I learned that the Coast Guard Academy offered an MES major, so I decided to visit and loved it. I definitely recommend visiting the Academy if you are unsure. In the year that I’ve been here I have been able to travel all over Florida, the East Coast, the Caribbean and Canada all paid for by the Coast Guard. My dream billet is to work on a fast response cutter in the South of Florida doing drug and migrant interdiction, where I actually got to work for five weeks this past summer. The Coast Guard Academy has opened so many doors of opportunities for me, things normal college students can only dream of.

So here I am, and I definitely do not regret my decision. Although it is very different from a traditional college, and sometimes it gets stressful with so many obligations, there are definitely many opportunities to get involved and have fun! I play hockey here on the men’s team, as well as the women’s rugby team. I grew up on a state championship women’s hockey team in high school and I just joined rugby this year and I love it. In addition to sports, I belong to a number of clubs such as Officer’s Christian Fellowship, Aviation Club, Spectrum and Model United Nations. Despite the hard times, sports and clubs like these, along with friends make this place a pretty great place to go to school.

Thank you for checking out my profile. If you have any questions regarding the Academy and what it is like to be a cadet feel free to email me at