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Cadet Profile
Profile Cody Williamson  Cody Williamson
Franklin, MA - Class of 2018
Major: Marine Environmental Sciences 

Hi everyone!

My name is Cody Williamson and I am currently a third class cadet in the Class of 2018. I came to the Academy because, although I do not come from a military family, I always knew I wanted to serve my country. Also, I have a passion for science and the environment, and out of all the branches of the military, the Coast Guard is the most dedicated to environmental protection and preservation. I am from Massachusetts, which makes going home easy. I have an older sister who goes to Stonehill College and my dad has an Australian Shepherd named Sydney. I am on the offshore sailing team and I run the hurdles in outdoor track. I also plan on doing ski and snowboard club in the winter. I am definitely always busy, but that’s only because I am doing so many different things. We are offered so many interesting and unique opportunities here that it would be a waste to not do everything you have time for.

The Academy itself is a very unique place. If you are offered an appointment and you decide to go you will definitely have amazing stories to tell. The Academy offers a quality education, a meaningful profession, irreplaceable friends, and personal growth. But make no mistake; life here will require a lot of hard work and commitment. Come here because you want to come here. If you dedicated to your decision to come to the Academy, the hard part of this experience do not feel like work, but more like a stepping stone to your end goal of becoming an officer and save lives.