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Cadet Profile
Nicole Garrett  Nicole Garrett
Black Diamond, WA - Class of 2015
Major: Mechanical Engineering  

Hello! My name is Nicole Garrett and I am from the small town of Black Diamond, Washington. My entire life I have been extremely adventurous and ambitious. Before coming to the Academy, I played soccer for numerous years until I started racing motocross and cross country on quads. As time went along, I got fairly good at the sport, picked up sponsors, and traveled all over the West Coast for races. In addition, I snowboard, hike, and love doing just about every outdoor thing there is. However, although I loved my civilian world, I felt the need to move on from my everyday routine and chase my dreams of flight.

This dream of flight started early on, but didn’t start taking form till I did Running Start my senior year of high school. At this time I took aviation classes at a nearby community college, which proved to deepen my love of flying and began a long process of researching possible routes to flight school. After graduating from high school, my family and I went on vacation to the Oregon coast, where I ended up talking to an Academy graduate in a flight suit outside of the North Bend, Oregon air station. After talking to him about how he had was granted admittance to flight school through the Academy I decided to do some of my own research. After spending a year of looking, I had finally found my way toward fighting for flight. The Academy felt naturally right over every other possible option I had found.

By the beginning of June2011, I had submitted my application, passed my medical, done everything within my power to show Admissions I wanted to come here, and then (after being waitlisted for months) I got a call. Hearing Admissions say they had an opening for me was an amazing feeling to say the least. Up until R-Day I became an excited and nervous mess. This excitement quickly turned to sweat and percolating as Swab Summer began, and then a pile of books as the academic year started. Currently I am fighting for an excellent GPA, keeping up on military obligations, and am on the Combat Arms Team. While at times things may get tough, the Academy has made my dreams more feasible then ever before. For this reason I have never doubted being here. Up until this day I can still hear my father telling me, “Your dreams are realer then they’ve ever been before. They are literally right at your finger tips.” Overall, the Academy is the opportunity of a lifetime, no matter what your desired career in the fleet is.