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Cadet Profile
Jennifer Patron  Jennifer Patron
San Diego, CA - Class of 2014
Major: Government  

Ciao ha tutti!

My name is Jennifer M. Patron. Some quick facts about myself are: I am Mexican-American. I love to run and I am a part of the Cross Country team here at the Academy. I am a part of the wonderful class of 2014. I am on the route of a Government major.

I am the eldest of three and born into a Navy family. Growing up as a Navy Brat, I had the opportunity to see the world and truly appreciate what God has given me. I was born in Los Alamitos, California and spent the first seven years of my life around Southern California. In 1998, my family packed up and moved to Sicily where I spent the next three years. Following that, we moved back to California where I started middle school and my freshman year of high school. In 2006, my family packed up once again and we were back on the beautiful island of Sicily. I finished high school at Sigonella High and received my conditional appointment to the Coast Guard Academy. This meant my next adventure would be at prep school in Roswell, New Mexico. After an arduous year in the desert I received the full appointment to the Academy.

Many ask me why I chose to go Coast Guard rather than Navy and my reply is always the same. Although the Navy gave my family such a great experience and unique upbringing, I found the Coast Guard Academy as the close supporting family I was looking for in an university. There has never been a day that I do not want to be here. There are days that are going to be tougher than others but at the end of the day your family is always going to be there.