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Munro Hall
This building is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Munro Hall is named after Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro, the only Coast Guardsman awarded the Medal of Honor. He received the nation's highest medal for his role in rescuing a group of Marines near the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal during WWII. The Japanese were constructing an airfield on Guadalcanal, which would give them a strategic position that would interfere with the Allies campaign in the South Pacific. President Roosevelt directed the Coast Guard to man four large transports and serve in mixed crews on board twenty-two naval ships. Munro was one of these courageous men. Throughout the War, the Coast Guard commanded over 350 ships and hundreds of amphibious assault craft due to many of the coxswains coming from Life-Saving stations. Their experience with small boats made them the most seasoned small boat handlers in the government's service. The Coast Guard fulfilled one of its most important and least glamorous roles in these vessels: landing the men on the beaches.

Munro Hall was originally built in the early 1960s as the enlisted barracks and general mess. That all changed in the past few years and now houses the Chief of Personnel, the Administration Division, the Personnel Reporting Unit, ID Card/Vehicle Pass/Deers Offices, the Housing Branch and Police Branch.

The Munro Hall Guest Quarters is a 70 room facility designed for use by personnel on Temporary Duty at the Academy. To Request room rates or make a reservation call Jessica Garza at (860) 444-8664 or by email at

If you are interested in Family Government Quarters or need assistance in buying a home in the area please contact Peter McDonald, Housing Officer, at (860) 444-8211.