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Saul Krasner Memorial Science Lecture Series
LT James E Toomey IV, USCG

“Radio Astronomy: Observing the Center of the Milky Way” 

Abstract: Radio wavelength studies of the center of the Milky Way have been completed for over half a century. Despite a wealth of observations, the dynamic interactions occurring near the heart of our galaxy are still poorly understood. A peculiar structure known as the Galactic Center Radio Arc was formed as a result of intense gravitational fields, rapid star formation and the potential influence by dark matter. Using the Very Large Array, a multi-frequency, spectro-polarimetric study was completed in order to better understand the nature and formation of these structures. 

Biography: Following graduation from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2008, LT Toomey reported to CGC Diligence (WMEC-616), home-ported in Wilmington, North Carolina. With his primary duty as a Deck Watch Officer, he also served as the Communications and Supply Officer. In 2010, LT Toomey transferred to Petersburg, Alaska for assignment as Executive Officer to CGC Anacapa (WPB-1335). After completion of his duties in the ‘Final Frontier,’ LT Toomey attended the University of Iowa where he earned an M.S. in Astronomy in 2014. He currently instructs Physics I and will be teaching Physics II and Astronomy in the coming semesters. LT Toomey also maintains the Coast Guard Academy Observatory in Stonington, Connecticut.