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Crown Park/Yeaton Memorial
Robert Crown Park

Crown Park is named after Captain Robert Crown. After retiring from the Navy, Captain Crown held the position of National President of the Navy League and also earned two Navy Distinguished Public Service Awards for his humanitarian efforts. The park is home to several monuments to the Coast Guard among them is the Wars and Conflicts Memorial, a black granite obelisk depicting wartime scenes of service.

Captain Hopley Yeaton Memorial

Here lies the first officer commissioned under the Constitution by George Washington into the Revenue Cutter Service, which is the forerunner of the modern day Coast Guard. He was originally buried in Lubec, Maine, but in 1975 his burial site was threatened by modernization. The Corps of Cadets sailed the Barque Eagle to Lubec where his remains were exhumed and laid to rest here.

When cadets become members of the Square Root Club at the Academy (their GPA is low enough so that when the square root of it is taken, the value increases), they take an overnight vigil to the grave and sleep on top of it. Legend has it that Hopley Yeaton will bestow upon them the knowledge they need to improve their GPA. 

Cadets in the Nautical Science classes have traditionally sharpened their dividers on the tomb in the hope that Hopley Yeaton's spirit will bless them with a passing grade.