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Small Arms Range
Phone: (860) 444-8326
Hours of Operation
0730-1600 Operations of Armory Staff
0800-1500 Range time

About the Range
The U.S. Coast Guard Academy and its predecessor, the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service Training School, have been provided with armory support and small arms training by Gunners Mates since the turn of the century. The Coast Guard Academy Armory is staffed by three Gunners Mates and One Chief Warrant Officer (WEPS). All weapon section staff are U.S.C.G Small Arms instructors.

The Academy's Armory and small arms ranges are located in Chase Hall, which is named after Salmon P. Chase, the Secretary of Treasury during the Civil War. It is the largest building at the Academy and serves as the barracks for approximately 1,000 cadets and officer candidates. It houses both 50 foot indoor ranges with 20 points. Pistol with ball ammunition is the only current service weapon at this time to be fired on the range. All range time shall be scheduled in advance through the armory staff. Any outside agency must be given permission by the Chief Warrant Officer (WEPS) of the weapons section. 

To schedule range use, or for range or CG-weapons related questions call or email: 

Pistol/Rifle Range Applications