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Eclipse Week 2014

“Understanding the Past, Reinventing the Future” 

For nearly 40 years, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s Genesis Council has held a long and rich tradition of hosting Eclipse celebrations. Originally just a weekend-long event, Eclipse expanded to a full week in recent years. This year, the Genesis Council, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, and the Institute for Leadership host the 7th annual Eclipse Week. The purpose of Eclipse Week has always been to “support initiatives in generating a climate of inclusion, improving retention, and strengthening minority recruitment.” Above all, cadets gain an understanding of how mutual respect toward each other promotes professional development. Eclipse Week offers cadets an opportunity to interact with officers for mentorship and training. In previous years, cadets were honored with lectures and lessons from notable individuals including Leigh Torrence, then cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, Kwame Jackson, a runner-up for the TV show The Apprentice, Dr. Randal D. Pinkett, founder, chairman, and CEO of BCT Partners, Admiral Barrera of the Columbian Navy, BET comedian Willy Brown, and Dr. Calvin Mackie, Managing Partner of Channel ZerO Group, LLC. These are just a few icons that have bestowed their own life lessons to cadets, but they are not the only ones to make an impression. Eclipse Week also welcomes a myriad of officers from the Coast Guard, for they are the cadets’ direct link to the fleet. With such knowledge and experience treading on Academy grounds, cadets are always guaranteed first-rate advice and guidance. However, Eclipse Week is not only about our knowledge bearers; it also allows cadets to show off their talents. Traditions such as the Poetry Slam and Talent Show demonstrate that cadets are talented beyond just being the best and brightest militarily, athletically and academically. This year we continue the tradition and add to history by promoting our theme of “understanding the past, and reinventing the future.”
We invite you to examine the schedule of events for the week and encourage you to join us. All events are free and open to the public. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you here to help us celebrate Eclipse Week 2014!

Eclipse Week Program Booklet 

Monday, March 31 

1000-1200 Eclipse Talks  Dimick Auditorium
1200-1300 International Council Luncheon  Dr. Cathal Nolan, Boston University  O’Club
1730-1845 Opening Keynote Pre-Reception  Leamy Hall
1900-2000 Opening Keynote Leadership Lecture – Coach Herman Boone of "Remember the Titans" fame   Leamy Auditorium

Tuesday, April 1 

1200-1300 Spectrum Council Panel Discussion   O’Club
1600-1730 CG History Quiz Bowl – Sponsored by CGA Museum and Library Dimick Auditorium

Wednesday, April 2 

1200-1300 Athletics and Leadership Luncheon – Former U.S. Army Captain and USMA Graduate, Katie Graves  O’Club
1800-2000 Screening of the film “Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team” with Follow-Up Discussion – Sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Council  McAllister Auditorium

Thursday, April 3 

0630-0745 Women’s Leadership Council Panel Discussion  Alumni Center
1200-1300 Culture Fair – Sponsored by the Tribal Council O’Club
2000-2115 Poetry Slam  Dimick Auditorium

Friday, April 4 

0630-0745 Junior Officer’s Panel – Sponsored by Genesis Council O’Club
1200-1300 Mid-Grade Officer’s Panel – Sponsored by Asia-Pacific American Council Alumni Center
1730-1900 Eclipse Keynote Dinner – VADM Manson Brown   O’Club
1930-2000 Talent Show Sign-In  Leamy Ballroom
2000-2130 Cadet Talent Show – Sponsored by Genesis Council Leamy Ballroom
  Post-Talent Show: Cadet/Officer Bowling Challenge  Leamy Bowling Alley

Saturday, April 5 

0800-0850 Senior Officer's Panel – Sponsored by Compañeros Alumni Center
0900-0950 Speed Mentoring – Sponsored by Compañeros Alumni Center
1000-1200 Professional Development Workshops  Satterlee Hall
1300-1600 Professional Development Workshops  Satterlee Hall
1800-2000 Closing Keynote and Awards Banquet with Dr. Anthony Parker, Albany Technical College   Alumni Center
  Post-Awards Banquet: Evening Off-Campus Mentoring Sessions – Organized by Diversity Councils  

Sunday, April 6 

  Worship Service on Your Own   

For more information, please contact Brian Gates at 860-701-6557 or