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Cyber Team
The USCGA Bear's Cyber Team participates at the collegiate and international level in a wide variety of information security competitions. The Cyber Team is a club sport at the Coast Guard Academy where team members practice in our cyber lab every weekday during sports period and receive required sports credit for participation. The Cyber Team is open to anyone with an interest in developing high level defensive and offensive cyber skills.

Check out our team's GitHub repository:

Focus Areas: 

  • Linux Operating System
  • Scripting
  • Network Forensics 
  • Host Forensics
  • Binary Program Reverse Engineering/Exploitation
  • Cryptography
  • Penetration Testing


Our team competes under the names of objEEdump and CyBears. Follow updated team results on our page:

October 2016 – University of Connecticut CyberSEED
2nd place – Social Engineering Competition
6th place – CTF competition

September 2016 – Army CyberStakes Online
2/c John Hammond came in 10th place out of 424 participants!

June 2016 – Cyber Guard Exercise

April 2016 – NSA Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX)
4th place finish

February 2016 – Service Academy CyberStakes Live
objEEdump team 2nd place overall
1/c Caleb Stewart 2nd place in Rapid Fire Hacking
2/c Trey Maxam 2nd place in Lock Picking

November 2015 – CGA Cyber Team Formally Established 

If you are interested in learning more about the Cyber Team, or if you are applying to the Coast Guard Academy and would like to join the team contact the coach, LCDR Grant Wyman at

Learn more about applying to the Coast Guard Academy!