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Leadership and Management School (LAMS)
Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Leadership and Management School (LAMS). The Leadership and Management School is a one-week course designed to enhance supervisory skills for first line supervisors. The course develops skills in the following areas: communicating effectively, influencing others positively, creating an environment that motivates performance, getting the job done while taking care of subordinates, encouraging personal ethics, and promoting teamwork. This course has been evaluated by the American Council on Education, which recommends LAMS have three college credits. All LAMS graduates receive the credit on their military transcript.

For a list of convening dates, go to "C" School Schedules on the Training Quota Management Center (TQC) portal page (CG Portal - CG Personnel Only).

Resident courses for LAMS are offered at TRACEN Petaluma, TRACEN Yorktown and the Leadership Development Center (LDC), which resides at the Coast Guard Academy. In addition, the LDC provides 40-50 LAMS courses hosted locally at CG units across the country every fiscal year.

How to Apply as a Student
Check TQC’s website for a list of course convenings. Select Job Aid to learn more about the application process.

If a course is being hosting in your local area:

  1. Submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) through Direct access and contact the Local Unit POC to attend that exportable class.
  2. Selection of members to attend LAMS exportable training is handled by the hosting command. The POC for each exportable convening is listed in TQC Shared Documents on TQC's portal page. To verify your seat in the course, contact the POC.

If a class is not being hosted in your local area:

  1. Submit an ETR through Direct Access to attend a Resident Course. TQC will select members to attend Resident LAMS sessions based on earliest submission date.

For Reservists:

  1. Reserve members are authorized to only utilize ADT-OTD for exportable training in accordance with policy.

How to Apply to Host a LAMS Exportable Class 

  1. Identify between 18 and 24 students within the PRIMARY target audience in your local area. Use the Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) Leadership and Management School cube to identify members who have not yet completed this training.
  2. Assign a responsible point of contact to build the roster and coordinate logistics. It is recommended that the POC for LAMS be your Command Master Chief. The MCPOCG's vision, supported by the LDC, is to have Chiefs take responsibility for enlisted leadership training. The POC shall contact CWO Russell Tippets at or LTJG Christopher Reimer at to schedule the course. Note: Units close to meeting requirements should contact CWO Russell Tippets or LTJG Christopher Reimer for consideration.
  3. Provide a classroom and two separate break-out rooms for the entire five-day course, resources for PowerPoint presentations, two flip chart easels, chart paper, and a dry-erase board. The LAMS host unit checklist PDF Icon provides additional information and guides POCs in preparing for a successful course.

Target Audience (Active Duty and Reserve) 

  • E-5. LAMS is a requirement for all E-5s to advance to E-6. These members shall have priority seating in the class before any other eligible students.
  • GS 9-11, O-1, O-2, and E-6 (these personnel receive secondary priority)
  • O-1 and O-2 (it is highly recommended O-1s and O-2s attend regardless of accession-level LAMS training)

Other Eligible Personnel 

  • CG NAF employees (all), CG Work-Life (all)
  • CG Auxiliary personnel (FC, VFC, and FSO)
  • Other federal or state agency employees in positions of leadership
  • Members who have taken LAMS previously are eligible and encouraged to retake the course if more than three years have passed since they last attended the training

Only ODUs or Tropical Blue Long will be authorized. See your orders for more details.

American Council on Education (A.C.E.) Accreditation
Course #:
Location: Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut
Length: 1 week (38 hours)
Exhibit Dates: 10/08–Present
Credit Recommendation: In the upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in leadership (8/12)

Course Convenings: (Search by Course Number 340720: CG Portal - CG Personnel Only)