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Midgrade Officer Career Transition Course (MOCTC)
The Midgrade Officer Career Transition Course (MOCTC) is a 50-week blended course that was developed as the result of a workgroup that explored the needs of the O-4 community by conducting a meta-analysis of 15 years worth of CG studies, papers, and surveys. The course is designed to target officers in their first O-4 tour. The intent of this course is to transition officers from tactical to organizational level leaders. During the course, students work with trained coaches, who are proven performers in the Coast Guard, to learn how to ensure skill transfer in the workplace.

For information about the application process, please visit TQC, or contact CDR Scott Jones (

The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) honors the Midgrade Officer Career Transition Course (MOCTC) as a 2014 Award of Excellence Outstanding Interventions recipient. ISPI recognizes CWO William Anderson, LCDR Matt Baker,LCDR Katie Blanchard, LT Orion Bloom, LCDR Chris Bonner, CAPT Chris Calhoun, Charlie Coiro, LCDR Andrew Ely, LCDR Rahshaan Engrum, Jonathan Heller, CAPT Andrea Marcille, CDR Erica Mohr, Linda Pfeifer, LCDR Charlotte Pittman, Mike Renzi, CDR Jennifer Sinclair, LCDR Michael Sinclair, and Jason Siniscalchi.