Board of Trustees of the Coast Guard Academy

Oversight of the Coast Guard Academy is exercised by a Board of Trustees. This body is chaired by the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources of the Coast Guard. Members consist of active duty and civilian employees of the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve, and Coast Guard Auxiliary. Special representatives are assigned from time to time.

The Board’s roles include:

  • Advising the Superintendent
  • Advocacy
  • Strategic planning and alignment
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of cadets, faculty and staff

Board of Trustees

  • RADM Eric Jones
  • RADM Bill Kelly
  • RADM Brian Penoyer
  • RDML Rebecca Ore
  • RADM Christopher Bartz
  • Mr. Craig Bennett
  • RADM John Mauger
  • RADM Michael Johnston
  • Dr. Donna Navarro
  • MCPO Adwoa Hendricks
  • Ms. Stacy Marcott
  • Mr. Gary Rasicot (USCG, Ret.)
  • Mr. Albert Curry
  • RDML Joe Raymond

Special Representatives

  • Dr. Suzanne Logan
  • VADM Sally Brice-O’Hara (USCG, Ret.)
  • VADM Manson Brown (CG Ret.)
  • RADM Richard Schneider
  • Mr. Jim Losi
  • Ms. Zaldwaynaka ‘Z’ Scott