Careers and Outcomes

Graduate from the Coast Guard Academy and go directly to an exciting and rewarding career as a Coast Guard officer – leading people and managing resources.

Serving as a military officer is different than any other occupation. At graduation you earn a degree – and a commission. Your commission signifies the President’s “special trust and confidence” in your ability to act on behalf of the Nation. You are a leader of character, servant of the nation and unwavering defender of the Constitution.



You’ll begin your career as an Ensign. You’ll make a difference every day serving your country, humanity and those in need.

Roles and Missions of the U.S. Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is unique among America’s military services. We are military – but we are also humanitarians. Built on a heritage of lifesaving, we protect those on the sea, we protect the nation against threats delivered by sea, and we protect the sea itself.