Center for Advanced Studies

The Center for Advanced Study supports and facilitates research and scholarship at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. The Center’s goal is to foster a high level of intellectual activity and scholarship, and thereby position the Coast Guard Academy as an intellectual and technical resource for the Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security. The Center supports these goals by:

  • Publishing scholarly work by faculty, staff and cadets
  • Facilitating grant acquisition
  • Recognizing scholarly achievement
  • Providing opportunities for faculty and staff to develop and share research

Submission Guidelines for CAS

The Center for Advanced Studies welcomes the submission of articles for this site. Currently two types of articles are eligible to post, and should be submitted to the Director of the Library.

Spotlights: An in-depth description of research/scholarship activities of an individual or a group such as a department or cadets working with faculty. (500-800 words)

Research News: Short entries to announce research/scholarship activities. Examples include receipt of grant, publication of book or article, presentation at conference, award or honor, etc. (100-250 words)

Excellence in Scholarship Awards

Excellence in Scholarship Awards were established in 2014. The award recognizes scholarly work of faculty and staff during the previous five years, supporting the mission of the Academy and a professional field.

Two awards are presented annually. One is to a tenured or tenure track faculty, including the Permanent Commissioned Teaching Staff (PCTS). The second award is to a rotating military or temporary civilian faculty member.

Excellence in Scholarship Awardees

  • Associate Professor Christopher LaMonica
  • LCDR Tony Gregg
  • Professor Josh Gray
  • LT Brooke Millard
  • Dr. Erik Wingrove-Haugland
  • CDR David Sherry
  • Dr. Alina Zapalska
  • LT Chris Verlinden
  • Dr. David F. Mazurek
  • CDR Andrew J. Ely

Summer Fellowship Awards

Each summer, the Center for Advanced Studies supports the research activities of two or more faculty members. This program is open to all faculty at the Academy: civilian, permanent military, and rotating military. This highly competitive program provides the faculty an opportunity for focused research.

Summer Fellowship Awardees

  • PROF Haglund: Obama for America = Bain Capital: How Presidential Campaigns and the Presidency are the Private Equity Firms of Politics
  • LCDR McKenzie: Russian and Norwegian Cooperation in the Barents Sea: A Model for Cooperation in Both the Bering Strait Region and the Broader Arctic
  • PROF Kudlak: Systems of Rational Difference Equations with Non-constant Coefficients
  • PROF Jillian McLeod: Hill Ciphers Enhanced by Partition Regular Matrices
  • LT Michael Daeffler: Corrosion of Advanced Materials
  • LCDR Kyle Young: A Regional, High-Resolution Analysis of Hillslope Runoff Under Pre-development Conditions
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