Humanities Department

The Department of Humanities, home to the Government major, provides the essential liberal arts foundation of the academic curriculum at the Coast Guard Academy.

Beyond the classroom, the Humanities faculty coach and coordinate a number of co-curricular clubs and activities, including:

  • The Model United Nations
  • intercollegiate Mock Trial teams, which compete internationally
  • The International Law of Armed Conflict Competition in San Remo, Italy
  • id est, the cadet literary magazine
  • The Society for Policy and International Affairs, which sponsors frequent trips to New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C.


The Department’s offerings hone each cadet’s writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills, while ensuring all graduates are prepared to serve as articulate officers and informed, global citizens.

Department Structure

The Department of Humanities is composed of three sections that each administer core courses in their respective areas of academic expertise, and that collectively offer the Government major course of study.

  • English and World Language
  • Government, History, and Ethics
  • Law
of Department faculty who serve as coaches, mentors, or advisors to sports, clubs, or other cadet activities.
Number of scholarly publications or presentations by Humanities Department faculty in a typical year.
The average number of students in a Government major course.

Contact Information

Humanities Department
Richard Zuczek, Ph.D.
Department Head
(860) 444-8359