Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics supports the Academy’s Shared Learning Outcomes, the Operations Research and Data Analytics (ORDA) major, and the broad technical core curriculum. The Operations Research and Data Analytics major provides graduates a background in mathematics, probability, statistics, deterministic and non-deterministic modeling and computer programming and analysis. The primary focus is to enable cadets to conceptualize and describe reality using the tools of mathematics and statistics, analyze possible models and solutions, use appropriate computer technology, apply these skills to specific Coast Guard problems, and effectively communicate solutions. The study of Operations Research and Data Analytics highlights for cadets the means by which mathematics and computers can be used to analyze complex problems and improve decision making.

Real World Study

Cadets are exposed to a breadth of courses in mathematics, which provide the computing fundamentals to create mathematical models, simulations and algorithms used in problem solving. At the Academy, the study of mathematics quickly moves beyond theory, as our work with the Coast Guard enables students to apply their learning to real-world problems.


The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to:

  1. provide an excellent undergraduate education supportive of the United States Coast Guard Academy Statement of Vision and Missions, Guiding Principles, and Shared Learning Outcomes;
  2. provide a high quality, academically current curriculum that integrates mathematics, operations research, statistics, and computer analysis, and that is relevant to the needs of the United States Coast Guard; and
  3. promote an environment that fosters continuous development and professional growth of students and faculty.


In support of the United States Coast Guard Academy’s Statement of Vision and Missions, Guiding Principles, and Shared Learning Outcomes, as well as the Department of Mathematics’ Mission, the Department’s outcomes include producing graduates who:

  1. understand and demonstrate proficiency in all mathematics coursework required for their CGA degree;
  2. effectively communicate mathematical information in many contexts including reading, writing, listening, and presenting;
  3. interpret, critically analyze, model, and provide solutions to relevant problems that may involve mathematics, data analysis, software applications, or mathematical proofs;
  4. appreciate and practice effective team membership and leadership, constructive assessment of self and others, and lifelong learning, and producing ORDA graduates who also:
  5. appreciate and practice the use of mathematics and operations research techniques to improve processes and solve applied problems for the Coast Guard.

Contact Information

Mathematics Department
LCDR Pete Vermeer