Science Department

The Department of Science is home to the Marine and Environmental Sciences (MES) major. The Department consists of three sections that provide general courses for the Academy and specialized courses in support of the MES major:

  • Chemistry
  • Marine Sciences
  • Physics


Science is an integral part of every major at the Coast Guard Academy. Every officer will be faced with challenges that depend on scientific knowledge, such as weather forecasting, combatting pollution, and search and rescue operations. Reflected in our motto, Scientiae Cedit Mare (the sea yields to knowledge), the Academy education focuses on a scientific core that prepares officers well for their duty at on land, sea, and air.

Scientific Research

Science faculty conduct extensive research in their respective fields of expertise. Over half of cadets in the major are able to collaborate with faculty in these high-level research projects, an opportunity usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions. is the premier accrediting body for collegiate schools of business and accounting.

In the pursuit of their research, science faculty and students have access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, including the Academy‚Äôs dedicated research vessel, R/V Michael J. Greeley. The Academy’s own backyard, including the Thames River and Long Island Sound, provides extensive research opportunities.

Contact Information

Science Department
CAPT Gregory J. Hall, Ph.D.
Department Head
(860) 444-8624