Alexandra Cobb

Fredonia, New York – Class of 2018 Major: Management

When Alexandra Cobb selected Management as her major, she thought it would be focused mostly on business management and money-related topics. She was surprised to find the major had a much broader, more personal scope.

On a leadership emphasis

“Along with key management principles, the Management major has a heavy focus on managing and leading people. The major helps cadets to become capable leaders, imparting valuable skills that can be applied both in and out of the Coast Guard.”

On an engaging curriculum

“Within the Management major, there is such a wide array of classes that we take. I like how the instructors are really passionate and excited about what they teach, which makes the classes more enjoyable.”

On personal attention

“Because of the small class sizes, instructors and students get the chance to know each other on a more personal level. It is pretty cool how instructors make an effort to be involved beyond academics, asking about how we’re doing or just saying hello when passing in the hallways.”

On a real-world education

“So much of what we learn is applicable to real life. In marketing, we did a group project on a local coffee shop where we analyzed and made recommendations on how we thought they could improve business. It was a great way to learn, working with a real business.”