Amy L. Fraher, EdD, MFA, Commander, USNR-Retired

Amy Fraher Dr. Amy Fraher joined the Coast Guard Academy faculty in 2022. A retired Naval Aviator and former United Airlines pilot, Amy Fraher has over 6,000 mishap-free flight hours in four jet airliners, five military aircraft, and several types of civilian airplanes. She served her country honorably for 24 years, retiring as a U.S. Navy Commander (O-5) in 2005. CDR Fraher began her military career as Private in the US Marine Corps before earning her bachelor’s degree and attending Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) in Pensacola FL. She earned her wings of gold as one of the first one hundred or so women Naval Aviators, then flew helicopters for HC-6 in NAS Norfolk, and HC-3, HSL-84 and HC-85 in NAS North Island San Diego, deploying around the world in support of battlegroup operations. During her military career, Fraher was selected as Pilot of the Year and awarded a Navy Commendation Medal, three Navy Achievement Medals, and three Quick Kill awards, among other accolades. After her aviation career, Dr. Fraher began a scholarly career in higher education including eight years in the international business school environment teaching in AACSB accredited programs in the UK, US, Singapore, and Australia. She holds a doctorate in leadership and has published widely in the area of leadership, crisis management and ethics in fields of risky work. Professor Fraher studies the ways that individual and collective influences allow frontline operators to build capacity for mindful behaviors despite the complexity of their missions, unpredictability of their operating environments, and danger inherent in their work. As a scholar-practitioner, she brings her research into the classroom through leadership modules focusing on ethics, crisis and change. Fun Fact: Amy is the only international business school Professor who has landed a helicopter on a US aircraft carrier and a 777 at London’s Heathrow airport!


  • Doctorate in Leadership, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • Master in Fine Arts in Creative Fiction, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
  • Master of Arts in Educational Technology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  • Bachelor of Science in Textile Design, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia PA

Courses Taught

  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Crisis Leadership
  • High Performing Teams

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management

Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2019-Editorial Board Member, Human Relations
  • 2019-Editorial Board Member, Academy of Management Discoveries
  • 2017-Selected ‘Editor’s Choice Paper’ Culture and Organization
  • 2016-Nominated by Student Guild ‘Outstanding Teaching Award’, University of Birmingham
  • 2015-Awarded ‘Silver Medal’ Axiom Business Book
  • 2015-Finalist, USA Best Book Awards
  • 2015-Finalist ‘Darkside Case Study’ Award, Academy of Management
  • 2015-Finalist US-UK Fulbright Research Scholar Award
  • 2014-Awarded ‘Outstanding Reviewer’, Academy of Management, OB Division

Selected Publications


  • Fraher, A. L. 2020. Leading Contemporary Organizations: Psychodynamic Perspectives on Change and Crisis. Cambridge University Press.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2014. The Next Crash: How Short-Term Profit Seeking Trumps Airline Safety. New York: Cornell University Press.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2011. ‘Thinking Through Crisis’: Improving Teamwork and Leadership in High Risk Fields. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2009. Group Dynamics for High-Risk Teams: A ‘Team Resource Management’ Primer (2nd ed.). Translated into Danish. Copenhagen: Hans Reitzel’s Publishers.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2005. Group Dynamics for High-Risk Teams: A ‘Team Resource Management’ Primer. New York: iUniverse Publications.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2004. History of Group Study and Psychodynamic Organizations. London: Free Association Books.

Journal Publications

  • Fraher, A. L. 2022. “Disobeying orders’ as Responsible Leadership: Revisiting Churchill, Percival and the Fall of Singapore”. Journal of Business Ethics, 175: 247-263.
  • Fraher, A. L. 2021. “Psychodynamics of imagination failures: Reflections on the 20th anniversary of 9/11”. Management Learning, 52 (4): 485-504.
  • Fraher, A. L. & Grint, K. 2018. “Agonistic Governance: The Antinomies of Decision-Making in U.S. Navy SEALS”. Leadership, 14 (2): 220-239.
  • Fraher, A. L., Branicki, L. J., & Grint, K. 2017. “Mindfulness in Action: Discovering How U.S. Navy SEALs Build Capacity for Mindfulness in High-Reliability Organizations (HROs)”. Academy of Management Discoveries, 3 (3): 239-261.
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  • Fraher, A. L. 2004. “Flying the Friendly Skies: Why U.S. Commercial Airline Pilots Want to Carry Guns”. Human Relations, 57(5): 573-595. Nominated Best Paper of 2004 volume.

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