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John B. (Jack) White, Ph.D.

Dr. Jack White

Professor White graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts degree, having double majored in English and Economics. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia. He taught economics and finance at the University of Richmond and Old Dominion University before moving to Georgia Southern University. While at GSU, he was recognized by his peers as the outstanding researcher and the outstanding teacher in the College of Business and was selected as the Professor of the Year by the College of Business. He was also recognized with the university-wide Award of Excellence in Teaching. He was also named the Wells-Warren Professor of the Year by the students. He has been active in teaching scholarship and service at the Coast Guard Academy. He developed the 3-hour course in personal financial management, one of the most popular electives on campus. He has served as the chair of the Curriculum Committee, President of the Faculty Senate, President of the Faculty Union, and chair of the Academy Credentials Committee. In 2015, he received the Spirit of the Bear award and was recognized as the Academy’s Outstanding Researcher in 2019. Dr. White also served for over 20 years as a Supply Corps officer in the US Navy Reserves, retiring as a Commander in 2011.


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts, English and Economics, 1975
  • University of Virginia, Ph.D., Economics, 1984
  • United States Naval War College – Joint Warfare Certificate (This curriculum is now awarded as master’s degree.)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Finance
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Investment Theory

Professional Certifications. Affiliations, and Memberships

  • Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Academic Honor Society)

Honors and Awards – Academic

  • Outstanding Researcher, College of Business, 1994, Georgia Southern University
  • Outstanding Teacher, College of Business, 2005, Georgia Southern University
  • Wells-Warren University Professor of the Year, 1999, Georgia Southern University
  • University Award of Excellence in Teaching, 2007 Georgia Southern University
  • Professor of the Year, College of Business, 2007 Georgia Southern University
  • Spirit of the Bear Award, 2015, US Coast Guard Academy
  • Outstanding Researcher, 2019, US Coast Guard Academy
  • Junior Officer of the Deployment, Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 14, 1992
  • Navy Achievement Medal (4)
  • Navy Commendation Medal (4)
  • Seabee Combat Warfare Officer designator

Selected Publications

  • White, John B. (2018), “Using Private Mortgage Insurance When You Have the 20% Down Payment,” Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives, Volume 9 (1), October 2018, pp. 56-67.
  • White, John B. (2018), “An Analysis of the Effect of the 2018 Tax Revisions on Tax Benefit of Home Ownership,” Journal of Accounting and Finance, Vol 18(7), pp. 130-147.
  • White, John B. (2016), “A Financial Comparison of the Blended Retirement System (New System) and the Current (Soon to be Old) Defined Benefit System,” Military Review, Vol 96(5), September-October, 2016, pp.110-118.
  • White, John B. (2016), “Another Look at the “Cost” of a Mortgage: Does the Mortgage Term Matter?” Real Estate Finance, Vol 34(2), Spring 2016, pp. 159-172.
  • White, John B., Morgan P. Miles and Roger M. White (2011), “Estimating the Internal Rate of Return on an MBA: A Comparison of the Return from Top-Ranked & Second-Tier Programs,” Journal of Economics and Finance Education, Vol. 10 (1), pp. 67-76.
  • White, John B., Morgan P. Miles and Roger M. White (2011), “Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Retirement Plans for Faculty: An Exploration of the Cost of a Portable Retirement,” Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, Vol. 15 (1), pp. 85-98.
  • White, John B., (2010), “The Emergence of Commodity Money alongside a Functioning Fiat Money,” Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, Vol. 10 (1), pp. 121-126.
  • White, John B., William Levernier, and Morgan P. Miles, (2008), “Is Early Research Productivity a Predictor of Long-Term Research Productivity? A Case Study of Finance and Marketing Faculty,” Palmetto Review, Vol. 10, pp. 22-26
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  • White, John B. and Morgan P. Miles, (1998), “The Managerial Imperative of Evaluating Non-Capital Expenditures within a Capital Budgeting Context,” The Journal of Financial and Strategic Decisions, Vol 11 (2), pp. 61-66.
  • Levernier, William B. and John B. White, (1998) “The Determinants of Poverty in the American South: The Effect of Georgia’s Antebellum ‘Plantation Belt’ on Modern Poverty Rates,” American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol. 57 (1), pp. 47-70.
  • White, John B., (1996) “Estimating the Call Option Values Embedded in Closed-End Automobile Leases,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 13, Number 3, pp.19-26.
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  • White, John B., Morgan P. Miles and E. James Randall, (1992) “Innovative Financial Technologies to Facilitate Trade with Eastern Europe,” Journal of Applied Business Research, 8 (3), 101-110.
  • Randall, E. James, John B. White and Morgan P. Miles, (1990) “A Proposed System to Finance Consumer Goods in Eastern Bloc Europe: Utilizing Financial Technologies to Deal in Non-Traded Currencies,” Journal of Global Business, 1 (1), 34-39.
  • White, John B. and Morgan P. Miles, (1990) “An Appropriate Capital Budgeting Technique for Liquidity Constrained Small Businesses,” Journal of Small Business Strategy, 1 (2), 36-46.

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