Academy Experience Program

The Academy Experience Program (AEP) is for admitted students, wait listed students, and their parents or guardians. Whether you are still deciding what college to attend, or are ready to “hit the deck running” as a new swab, AEP offers the information you need for the next big step.


  • Meet your future classmates
  • Prepare for Swab Summer
  • Meet faculty and explore majors
  • Connect with coach, cadets, advisors
  • Discover the support resources available

Format and Dates

AEP is an overnight visit that starts at 9:00 AM ET and ends at 12:00 PM the next day. Students pair with a cadet host while parents enjoy their own program before reuniting for a wrap up Q&A session on the second day.

Featured Speakers
RADM William Kelly, USCG

Re: Our Mission

CAPT Esan Simon, USPHS

Senior Medical Officer
Re: Covid-19 Response

LT Kim Shadwick, USCG

Charlie Company Officer
Re: Swab Summer

CAPT Michael Turdo, USCG

Commanding Officer, CGC EAGLE
Re: Sailing CGC EAGLE

Contact Information

Academy Experience Program
Katy Robbins
Campus Programs
(860) 701-6177
LT Brad Nelson
Event Coordinator
(860) 701-6321