Bryan Chan

Millbrae, CA
Major: Electrical Engineering
With the Academy being a small school, you really do get to know your shipmates. Everyone has a common thread. Whether it’s persevering cadre summer, EAGLE training, or preparing rooms for a formal room and wing inspection, there is always a shared experience. This bond is especially prevalent amongst the small but resilient group of electrical engineers.

Choosing to be an electrical engineer was a natural progression of my childhood. As a kid, I would mess with computers. I swapped parts and installed various Linux Operating Systems. So, growing up I understood how integral electronics are in our daily activities and society’s growing reliance on such technology. Majoring in electrical engineering (EE) felt like a no-brainer for me. I recently realized that my education at the Academy has made me view things with a more inquisitive mindset. I am aware of the many concepts, designs, and the calculus that goes into creating the electronic systems we use daily.

Looking beyond the Academy, I would like to be involved in designing communication systems and unmanned systems in the Coast Guard. Additionally, there’s the pressing issue of climate change, and I believe the Coast Guard is uniquely positioned to encourage the adoption of clean energy in the maritime industry. Working in either of those areas is how I envision my future as an electrical engineer.