Conner McGuire

Duncannon, PA Major: Civil Engineering

1/c Conner McGuireWhen deciding on which major I wanted to pursue at the Academy I thought back to the type of curriculum I enjoyed in high school. For me, I only genuinely enjoyed learning in my STEM classes. With this knowledge in addition to the guidance from my teachers I chose to pursue Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering upon arrival to CGA. But it turns out that major was not for me! After my first semester I trusted the guidance I received from my mentors and instructors and switched into Civil Engineering and have loved it ever since!

One of the coolest things about the Coast Guard is all the different career paths that are available to each member regardless of major. As of now my focus is completing this last year at the Academy, commissioning, and going afloat on an asset in District 7. After those first two years however, I may want to pursue a different avenue and work on furthering my knowledge of civil engineering at graduate school. Having so many options is such an exciting feeling, but my ultimate aspiration is to be excited about the job I am performing and to have fun!

If I could leave a prospective cadet thinking of applying with a piece of advice, I believe it would be this: do as much research as possible. Look into the Academy, talk to people, learn about the service. Having an idea of how awesome an opportunity it is to come to the Academy and the opportunities it provides will always give you something to look forward to.