Olivia Oyola

1/c Olivia Oyola

In high school, I was always looking for a challenge and I wanted the same out of my college experience. I knew I wanted to be an engineer since I was young and after attending a STEM program hosted by the Academy, I knew this was the place for me.

While I was applying, my family and friends were extremely supportive, and they most likely did more research than I did before I reported for Swearing-In Day! Even now as a First Class (1/c) cadet I talk to my family at least once a week and when I’m having a tough day they’re always ready to pick me up.

The thing I love most about the Academy is how easy it is to bond with other people. We’re always going to trainings, class, practice, or club events and we all live in close proximity to each other, so you’ll always be near your best friends.

What I love most about my major is the faculty. Whether they’re rallying for funding for Capstone projects or polling our classes for morale ideas to increase retention in the major the faculty never stops trying to be better. I admire how much they care for their students and I’m lucky to be a part of Naval Architecture.

Prospective cadets must be open to change. Yes, the Academy offers plenty of structure and discipline, but what you won’t expect is how you’re going to change. Everyone at the Academy comes from a different part of the country/world and has mindsets and ideas, unlike the ones you probably grew up with in your hometown. These differences create an environment for growth and change and from 4/c to 1/c year you’ll notice those differences in yourself and the people you grew up with.