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ENS Brianna Nelson

Brianna Nelson

My transition from high school to the Coast Guard Academy was challenging as this was my first time being away from home in Centreville, VA. I attended AIM so that helped me prepare for what I was getting myself into. I was fortunate enough to share the Academy experience with my sisters, which helped ease my transition! I was a 4/c when my older sister was a 1/c. I’ve always looked up to her throughout high school/college and still do to this day. She played the unique role as my sister, best friend, and mentor all in one. I still ask her questions to this day when I need help or information on something. She introduced me to several close mentors I had at the Academy and introduced me to APAC (Asian Pacific American Council), which became a huge part of my Academy experience and the reason why I am an AMOT mentor today. I also spent two years at the Academy with my younger sister, which I also loved.

I love running and biking and being outdoors. I participated in the Triathlon and Running Clubs at the Academy. Currently stationed in Washington, D.C., I’ve met some friends in the area who I play pickleball with, which is another fun and casual activity I enjoy. I’ve loved being able to cook my own food and host small dinner parties with friends. Although being a new ENS in a new area with a new job can be scary and lonely at times, I’ve really embraced the independence of living on my own. It can be hard to balance a new job with making friends and having a social life, but if it’s something you prioritize it is definitely doable.

I love outreach and talking with cadets at the Academy about CGCYBER. I am currently one of the CGA Liaison’s at CGCYBER and help coordinate cadet visits and general outreach to the Academy. I enjoy talking about what I do and helping other cadets learn about CGCYBER. If anyone wants to learn more about CGCYBER or the Academy in general, please feel free to reach out to me.

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