Cadet Blogs

Cheyenne Waters

Four Years of Highlights

What is great about each year at the Coast Guard Academy? Freshman year – You might hear a lot of bad things about freshman or 4/c year at the Academy.

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Mack Bucki

On the Dunes

Hello! 3/c Mack Bucki, at your service! After a three-month-long hiatus, I have decided to make my return (not like I had a choice). Yet, my summer wasn’t spent poolside

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[MES]sing Around

Hello everyone and happy fall! I wanted to take this opportunity to blog about my major (the best major) here at the Academy and that is MES or Marine and

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Ice, Ice Baby

President’s Day weekend can only be described as one thing: awesome. I and eleven other cadets spent the weekend taking an American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) level

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ORCA, Not the Whale

Time flies when you’re having fun…or really busy. I always forget how that saying goes. The school year has quickly ramped up and I can’t believe we’re at midterms and

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