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Inclusion and Diversity

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity (OID) is committed to providing members of the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) with the resources they need to better understand and engage in constructive conversations regarding the concept of inclusion and how it relates to mission effectiveness in the educational, organizational, and leadership arena. Whether these resources come in the form of connections to an affinity council or participation in a live event such as Eclipse and RISE, OID’s goal is to foster an environment most conducive to developing Leaders of Character to serve in the world’s best Coast Guard.  To remain the world’s best Coast Guard, we must be the world’s most diverse and inclusive Coast Guard.

OID's Vision

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity (OID), working in collaboration with an array of Academy stakeholders seeks to create, maintain, and grow an environment where all feel a sense of belonging such that:

  • Members can devote more mental and physical energy to supporting the mission of the Academy and less energy to trying to fit in at the Academy.
  • Members chose to stay with the Academy longer and/or enjoy their time while here.
  • Members are comfortable showing up in their authentic selves.

Affinity Councils

Cadets can join any of the eight (8) affinity councils.  The vast majority of cadets belong to least one (1) although most cadets belong to several different ones.   Councils are cultural & social organizations that encourage cadets to develop new skills and perspectives that shape their learning environment and hone their leadership acumen.  Every Affinity Council is open and encouraging to anyone, regardless of background.

Diversity Peer Educators

Diversity Peer Diversity Educators (DPE) is are made up of cadets who volunteer to serve in the Corps of Cadets as “emerging subject matter specialists” for information and support on topics surrounding sensitive topics like race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. DPE’s primary goals are to create an inclusive and embracing climate for cadets to discuss race, gender and equality amongst the corps; to act as sensors in the corps to help alert the Office of Inclusion and Diversity quickly of possible emerging concerns among cadets; DPEs undergo monthly training as part of a qualification system to earn a pin worn on their uniforms.

Contact Information

Office of Inclusion and Diversity
Dr. Aram deKoven
Chief Diversity Officer
(860) 701-6930
Mrs. Catherine Rivers
Diversity Officer
(860) 701-6644
Mr. Gerard Viola
Education Program Specialist
(860) 701-6624
Mrs. Christy Rose
(860) 444-8231
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