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Eclipse 49 Agenda and Registration


Registration is now open for this year’s Eclipse49.


Please note that the schedule below is subject to change.

Time Topic/Event Audience Speaker/POC Location
1730-1800 Inter-Academy Affinity Summit (IAAS) Welcome Aboard IAAS Delegates IAAS Coordinators McAllister Auditorium
1900-2015 Opening Keynote All Hands Ms. DeDe Halfhill Leamy Auditorium
0800-0910MY CGA StoryAll HandsCadetsLeamy Auditorium and Streaming
0925-1000My CGA Story DebriefAll HandsCommunityVarious
1015-1115Morning SessionsAll HandsVariousManifestations of Insecurity
Session 1: Perfectionism
Session 2: Judgementalism
Session 3: Overcompensation
Session 4: Resentment/Hate
1130-1230Connection and Reflection LunchAll HandsCommunityCadet Wardroom & Alumni Center
1245-1345Afternoon SessionsAll HandsVariousPractices of Self-Respect
Session 5: Forgiveness
Session 6: Curiosity
Session 7: Gratitude
Session 8: Kindness / Generosity
1400-1435Cadet Session DebriefAll HandsCommunityVarious (Same Locations as My CGA Story Debrief)
1450-1550Afternoon KeynoteAll HandsDr. Maria SiroisLeamy Auditorium & Streaming
1730-1930IAAS DinnerBy InvitationVariousLeamy Ballroom
2000-2200Eclipse Talent ShowAll HandsVariousLeamy Auditorium & Streaming
0800-1030Mentoring BreakfastBy invitation & excusalVariousAll Hands Wardroom
0915-1115IAAS Opening SessionBy invitation & excusalVariousHenriques Room
0930-1115“The Torch”
Basketball Tournament
All Hands1/c Alyssa ParkerRoland Hall
Alumni Gym/3rd Deck
1130-1215IAAS LunchBy invitation & excusalVariousAll Hands Wardroom
1200-1400Eclipse Awards Awards LuncheonBy invitation & excusalSuperintedentCDR Merle J. Smith Club and Streaming
1230-1530IAAS Workshop & ConclusionBy invitation & excusalVariousHenriques Room
1500-1700Alumni Connection MixerCGA & Connecticut College AlumniN/AUnity House, Connecticut College


Military: Tropical Blue with Garrison Covers
Civilian: Business Casual

Saturday Mentorship
Cadets: Study Hour Gear with optional Affinity Council Shirts
All others: Civilian attire

Awards Luncheon
Military: Service Dress Blue (Bravo) with Combination Covers
Civilian: Business Attire

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