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Cost and Tuition

At the Coast Guard Academy there is no cost for tuition, room or board. This elite education, currently valued at more than $280,000, is fully paid for by the government, which means when you graduate from the Coast Guard Academy, you’ll have no student loans to pay and zero debt.

An Academy Education Pays

All cadets are paid a salary while attending the Coast Guard Academy. Spend smart and, rather than debt, you’ll actually graduate with savings.

Your Commitment to Serve

Upon graduation from the Coast Guard Academy, there is a five-year commitment to serve as a commissioned Coast Guard officer. Your commitment guarantees you a career in a position of leadership. You’ll commit to five years of service, but 85 percent of our graduates actually choose to serve longer.

Cost & Tuition
Room and Board
Expected Family Contribution
Student Loans
Net Cost
of Attendance
>$ 0 k
Value of the 4-year
Academy experience
Cost of
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Your Commitment
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