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Objee the Bear

Objee is the beloved Mascot of the Coast Guard Academy.

In 1926 the Academy selected the Black Bear as its mascot, because the bear is bold and tenacious, attributes befitting the Coast Guard and its officers. Also that year the Revenue Cutter Bear, its crew renowned for heroism, was decommissioned.

Soon a live cub arrived on campus. She was named “Objee,” which is short for “objectionable presence,” in deference to the city of New London’s popular objection to the presence of a live bear. Objee lived up to the name, breaking out of her pen, climbing into an officer’s new car, and shredding the interior.

Objee was thus exiled to the Navy Yard in Washington, but broke out again. She was captured on the dock at 2 a.m. after “she destroyed, to wit, one first class United States Marine who sought to pass in the night.” Objee was donated to the Washington Zoo in 1928, replaced with Objee II, who hailed from Michigan and by all accounts settled down.

Cadets took care of Objee. Her first handler was Cadet Stephen Hadley Evans.

Living the Good Life

Objee ate in the cadet wardroom and even showered with cadets. Thirty one bear cubs fulfilled mascot duties during the 57 years the Coast Guard Academy kept a live mascot on campus. They were housed near the Observatory.

In 1984 Objee XXXI, a 250 pound Black Bear, was retired to a Widmark Farms in upstate New York, the last living mascot. He enjoyed the companionship of another Black Bear named Beau, honey from the farm, and an occasional visitor.

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