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A Busy Fall Semester

Elizabeth Carter

Hello readers! Here we are, a little over a month into the Fall Semester. Let’s just say that 3/c year is a huge adjustment. Coming off of the summer, my classmates and I have all lived in the fleet, made new friends, and explored countless new places. Now we saunter through the halls, 4/c traditions of squaring and greeting behind us, as we begin a new journey of our own – that of leadership and self-awareness.

As a Government major, I have begun to really settle into my classes. I have chosen the Politics, Policy, and Law concentration, and I could not be happier. My favorite class at the moment is American Congress. It’s a small class, held in Library every Tuesday and Thursday. I find myself excited for those mornings – drinking my coffee and talking about the workings of our nation’s legislative branch. The class requires lots of reading, campaign speeches, and essays galore. In addition, we have had multiple guest speakers from Congressman Courtney and Senator Blumenthal’s offices. The class has given me such a great opportunity to really dive into my major, plan for possible future internships, and understand what I want to do with my career in the Coast Guard.

In addition to my wonderful classes, the cross country season is in full swing. I am beyond happy to be running in the beautiful New England weather, and as the leaves begin to change color, the temperature is beginning to drop as well. It is such a relaxing, therapeutic form of exercise, and I always enjoy my teammates’ company after a long day of school. Cross country occupies my sports period every day of the week, and I also sing for the Glee Club and Chorale as well. We begin our fun performances soon, from the Coast Guard Foundation Dinner in New York City to performances at Homecoming and Parents’ Weekend. I always look forward to the time spent with my teammates and singing friends.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions! My email is

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