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First Class Year

Move from one to one leadership to organizational leadership during your First Class year. The Corps leads the Corps. All First Class Cadets are assigned to a formal position, responsible for the performance of others.

“The corps leading the corps means using your previous experiences to become a stronger leader and helping your subordinates through their experiences.” – Cadet 1/c

First Class Year Highlights


The senior-most cadet is the Regimental Commander. All positions rotate three times a year. The Regimental Commander and Staff lead the Corps during Regimental Reviews in the Fall, Spring, and during Commencement Week.


Your focus during assignments aboard ship, Sectors, or at Air Stations is to function as a junior officer. Many cadets use these assignments to continue to explore their career interests.


Other cadets use First Class summer to earn qualifications in the career field they intend to pursue. Earn your Officer of the Deck qualifications aboard a Fast Response Cutter, or qualify as a watchstander in the Operations Center of an Air Station, initiating aircraft launches in emergencies!


During your First Class year you’ll take the Rules of the Road exam and must pass. Most cadets have accumulated enough time at sea and in shipboard simulators to earn their 100 gross ton, merchant mariners license.

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