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Ryan Crose

Ryan CroseWhile assigned to USCG Ninth District Reserve Enforcement Duty in Cleveland, Ohio, LCDR Crose came upon a horrific traffic accident on the morning of 26 September 2017.

His citation reads “Lieutenant Commander CROSE is cited for heroism, while selflessly risking his own life to extinguish flames that engulfed the driver of a semi-truck. He was first on scene at a horrific accident, caused when a tractor trailer veered and struck two other tractor trailers on the side of the roadway igniting the fuel spilled from a ruptured tank. Demonstrating exceptional bravery, he immediately approached a vehicle surrounded by fire and noticed a man engulfed in flames writhing around on the ground. Without hesitation or concern for his own safety, he entered into the flames and attempted to put the flames out with his own shirt. While retrieving a shirt from a bystander he fell and was soaked in diesel fuel. Disregarding the increased danger to himself he returned to the fire to continue extinguishing the burning victim. He ultimately extinguished the fire with a welding blanket provided by a bystander. Together they used the blanket to extract the victim to safety just seconds before the fuel tank exploded. The exploding fuel tank propelled a burning tire towards Lieutenant Commander CROSE and the victim, landing within feet of them. All other bystanders fled the scene while he bravely stayed with the victim and moved him further away from the inferno. Displaying superlative perseverance and fortitude, he remained with the conscious and severely injured driver until relieved by emergency responders.”

For his efforts in saving the truck driver whose body was 90% covered by third degree burns, LCDR Crose received the Coast Guard Medal for Heroism. He is only the 23rd officer to have ever received the medal.

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