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Selena Bantz

2021-2023 Fulbright – Tampere University Graduate Award Project: Design of Smart Power Grids for Renewable Energy Systems Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Institution: Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

As a Fulbright scholar in Finland, 1/c Salena Bantz will pursue a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at Tampere University (TU), Tampere, Finland. 1/c Bantz will be studying smart grids as well as wind and solar technologies that are effective solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and have tremendous potential for meeting the world’s energy needs. In her proposed Fulbright application, 1/c Bantz argued that “…The uncertainty and intermittency of wind and solar generation are major complications that must be addressed before the full potential of these renewables can be reached. The smart grid promises a solution….” She plans to conduct research “Design of Smart Power Grids for Renewable Energy Systems” to design smart power grids that are flexible, reliable, efficient, and resilient. This design will aim to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional electric power grid by allowing the effective management and deployment of clean energy technologies to deliver power generation that is more reliable, secure, and affordable.

Her research will be conducted with the experts at TU’s Smart Grid Research Group. In her free time, 1/c Bantz will work with the Fulbright Finland Foundation to advance partnerships among engineers and other professionals in Finland and the United States. By working with the TU Sustainability and Impact Club, she plans to organize discussion groups where students across all majors will share their ideas and concerns regarding climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, and human rights. To experience the joy of mutual cultural understanding provided through the Fulbright program, she plans to work with Finnish students at Etelä-hervannan Koulu high school to educate them about US culture while encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM. Studying the Finnish Language and exploring the country’s natural, historical, and cultural treasures will allow her to discover all aspects of Finnish society.

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