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Application Advice

Maddie Fender | September 12, 2023

Madeline FenderIf I were to give high school applicants advice when applying to the Academy, I would tell them to continue to be highly involved in their high school activities and schoolwork. The Academy is an extremely busy place and everyone has clubs and sports they are involved with, in addition to military and academic obligations. By getting these time management skills in high school, the transition to the Academy will be smoother and you will already have some of the skills you need to succeed. 


As I was building my application, I had multiple people read over all of my essays and submissions before I turned them in. Each time I made a new essay draft, I had my neighbor and parents read it to make sure I did not have any grammar mistakes and help make improvements. I also found it extremely helpful to stay in contact with my admissions officer for my area and updated her with new transcripts and test scores as the school year went on. 


Because the medical process takes a while, I would also recommend applying as early as possible. This will allow you time to make changes to your application, whether this be trying to improve your PFE score or getting your GPA up if necessary. This will enable you to have a stronger application and may allow you to accept your appointment sooner. 


I also knew that I wanted to come to CGA more than any other college or military institution and could not imagine myself anywhere else. I made this extremely clear to my admissions officer and during AIM, which I think made me stand out from other applicants who were not sure if CGA was for them. There are many opportunities to get on campus and get to know the school before swab summer. I would highly recommend attending AIM or doing a campus visit like Bear’s Day or the Beansprout overnight program during the school year. This will allow you to get a taste of everyday life and the amazing opportunities available to students here on a daily basis.

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