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Application Tips

David McCullough | March 24, 2023
David McCulloughI remember starting my application to the Coast Guard Academy, I didn’t really know where to start and knew I would have to make myself stand out to be considered in a highly competitive school. This is some advice for those of you who are starting your applications and feeling the same as I did at this seemingly daunting task. The first piece of advice I have is to just be yourself, be genuine and the words will flow onto the paper. The mistake most people make is to write what you think the committee wants to hear, and it comes off ingenuine. Use something you’re passionate about and apply it to your overall character. Secondly, is to keep in frequent contact with your Admission Officers. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions, as the more frequently you stay in contact with them the more, they will recognize your name on the application and know you are extremely interested. Next, is to have a coach or someone at the school by your side to vouch for you. I know my coaches had a big role to play in getting me in. Our coaches have a large pull in swaying the admissions committee one way or another. Be sure to reach out to any of the coaches here about the sports you are interested in playing before you start your application process to ensure you have someone here in your corner.  Lastly, is to make sure you make it obvious this is the school you want to be at. Be sure to make the trip up here to visit for any of our Bear for a Day events or online tours and add that to your application. Good luck to all of you and enjoy the process!

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