Law Enforcement in Bahrain: Cadet Summer Assignment

Mariah Dewey

“I am attracted to a high speed and exciting lifestyle,” said First Class Cadet (1/c) Mariah Dewey. With weapons handling, tactical egress, responding to traumatic injuries and learning all about the MK19 grenade launcher and the .50 Cal machine gun, there was no shortage of adrenaline during Dewey’s summer assignment. Her six-week training period in […]

On The Dunes

Mack Bucki

Hello! 3/c Mack Bucki, at your service! After a three-month-long hiatus, I have decided to make my return (not like I had a choice). Yet, my summer wasn’t spent poolside or tanning on the beach; instead, I had Coast Guard things to do. The first of those things was embarking on a five-week-long voyage on […]