Law Enforcement in Bahrain: Cadet Summer Assignment

Mariah Dewey

“I am attracted to a high speed and exciting lifestyle,” said First Class Cadet (1/c) Mariah Dewey. With weapons handling, tactical egress, responding to traumatic injuries and learning all about the MK19 grenade launcher and the .50 Cal machine gun, there was no shortage of adrenaline during Dewey’s summer assignment. Her six-week training period in […]

From Following to Leading: 1/c EAGLE Experience

cadet Lindsey Blake on the Eagle

The last time she was on EAGLE was as a swab. Three years later, she stepped aboard America’s tall ship in a leadership role this summer. “Onboard EAGLE as a swab, my main job was to follow orders and show up to tasks on time. My role as a first class (1/c) on EAGLE was […]