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Commonly Asked Questions (Part 2)

Cheyenne Waters | May 4, 2023

Cheyenne Waters

Hey, I thought of serval more questions that I often get asked. I also threw in some questions that I think people should ask.

What makes the Coast Guard Academy different from other Academies? 

This biggest thing that sets Coast Guard apart is that is really small. I know all the cadets in my class and most of the cadets in the classes adjacence to me. This year (Junior year) I have really come to appreciate the home feeling that you get at the Coast Guard Academy.

How to choose between the different Academies?

I think the thing that people forget when applying to academies is choosing the service branch that they want to work in. I believe that instead of deciding to go a service academy, you should decide to be an officer in blank branch. As much as I love going to Academy, your military service is going to longer than your time in the Academy. Therefore, the decision about which branch should not be taken lightly. In that vein, don’t forget about ROTC. If you truly want to be in the Navy, I would encourage you to apply to NROTC in addition to the Academy. Of course, the Coast Guard doesn’t have a ROTC. So, if you want to be an officer in the Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Academy is for you!

How can parents help? 

The first things parents can do is not force their children to go to an Academy. Academies are hard and big commitments. Most of the time when cadets leave within their first year, the main reason they leave is because they didn’t really want to go. If you kid really does want to go here and gets in, the best thing you can do for them is tell them you are proud. Joining the military is a big decision. When I am having a bad day, I always feel better when my dad just tells me he is proud. It puts everything back into perspective.

Do you have to play a varsity sport to get your sport credit?

Nope, you don’t have play football or lacrosse. You can get a credit from being in the band. You can get your credit from powerlifting or yoga club or playing dodgeball or frisbee twice a week. Playing a varsity sport gives you an awesome community, but if you want to spend more time on school, clubs, or just hanging out with friends, you have a lot of great options for your sports credit.

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