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Finding My Balance

Bryce Samples | January 12, 2023

Bryce Samples - 2024One thing I really enjoy when I am at the Academy is finding my balance to the daily academic and military obligations. During the work week I find myself hanging out with friends late at night, eating with them in the Wardroom, or going to sporting events. The sports here are so fun to watch and cheer for. I have a blast every time I go and wouldn’t ever want to cheer for another team. It is really neat knowing all of the team members and being able to cheer each one on individually. Usually for breakfast I venture down with my roommate. 

For lunch I am with my division. Then for dinner I sit with my friends and talk for hours. Sometimes dinner is over and I am still sitting there talking. Off base runs are truly special as you have several trails around you, Conn College to run through, as well as New London to explore. These are usually the highlights of my day, running on the streets with friends enjoying a great time and hopefully the weather. 

Another idea is that I love going to the gym. I can go at any hour as long as I do not have anything going on. It’s a place to decompress the day and enjoy myself. Due to the number of gyms, any type of workout is available for me to use. I can bike, run on the treadmill, lift weights, do pull ups, or really anything I wish to do.

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