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Dana Walker | November 21, 2022

4/c Dana Walker - 2026After completing Swab Summer and the first quarter of 4/c year I have learned how important sleep is. During Swab summer you are required to go to sleep after taps or 2000 but in the school year you could pull an all-nighter every night although this is not recommended. Your independence skills are tested with you having to keep track of your own academic, athletic, military, and obligations along with room and uniform standards. It is a lot of responsibility for a freshman to have but it is only going to prepare you in the long run. Being a 4/c eyes are always on you. It may not seem like the greatest thing but it’s all part of the process. Even though I just started I can see the impact it had on my siblings in the way they developed from new high school graduates to strong leaders. There are a lot of things that suck in the moment which may require you to stay up late, but there is a point in the night where you have to tell yourself to go to sleep so that you can get enough rest for the next day. Falling into an endless sleepless night cycle is truly detrimental. You will constantly hear teachers say this, or not, depending on if you’re awake in class. Personally, my cutoff is midnight. Many other people stop at 2230, 2200, or even earlier but I work better later in the day. After you test some things out you will find your groove, but everyone has a different way of doing things. If you are truly interested in attending the academy or not, I suggest signing up for some on campus events such as cadet for a day where you can ask current students questions about their experiences. Everyone here is different, which helps you get a better idea of the environment from the difference of perspectives. I hope this newfound information helped some and like always you can always reach me through email ( Until next time!

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