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My Time as the Bravo Company Guidon

Madison Foht | November 28, 2022

2/c Madison FohtMy time as the Bravo Company Guidon has been a time of learning. I was Phase 2 Swab Summer cadre, so I went straight from in the fire back into the fire as a semester one guidon. From Phase 2 Swab Summer I took along with me two of my fellow cadre who are now two of my MAAs. Having two shipmates from my cadre section become my MAAs has been a fun experience. We all have a good understanding of how each other work and have developed a strong bond. In addition to my cadre section MAAs, I have my other MAA who has brought new perspectives to our team and a fresh look at the 4/c. As a group I believe we have done a successful job of helping each other and holding the 4/c accountable.

Something that I have struggled with as guidon is trying to achieve perfection and feeling as though I fall short. As guidon it can feel as though everyone is watching you and waiting for you to mess up. Almost like being under a microscope, which can be stressful. Trying to be perfect in classes, military, and sports is exhausting. The reality is that I am a human-being and human-beings make mistakes. I have had a hard time accepting that. I don’t think that people watching me feeling can be solved but I do hope that others realize that I am trying my absolute hardest. I may not always be perfect, but I am giving my 4/c, my classes, drill, and cross country the most that I can give and sometimes that is all I can do. This is something that I have had to come to accept.

Another lesson I have learned from being guidon is how to be more understanding of others. I started the semester still a bit in cadre mood. No exceptions, everyone should be treated the same. What I have realized is some individuals need more help and support than others. Leadership is not a blanket statement. What works to lead and help some people may not work for others. I have learned I need to take a second and ask or consider what difficult situations that person I am dealing with is going through. Everyone has hardships that they are going through.

I am proud of how far my 4/c have come. As far as I can tell they seem to be a good team and I am proud to be their leader. Though we have faced our fair share of challenges along the way we will finish this fall semester strong.

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