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Overcoming Academic Challenges

Hayden Andersen | December 7, 2022

Hayden Anderson - 2025Academics at the Academy is certainly challenging to say to least, but one thing that keeps me motivated is my friends and staff members around me. One of the biggest advantages to coming to the Academy is that everyone is always willing to help and work with you till your problem is resolved. Tutors for all classes are posted throughout the Academy. There is also constant assurance that for any problem you may face there have been at least 10 other cadets before you that have faced the same problem, which has greatly helped me in the past. It is also quite rewarding to know that you get to attend classes from one of the top-rated public schools in the nation where the level of education you will be receiving is among no others. I find the class here to be super interesting and the incorporation of a specific military class that teaches you things like how to navigate on a cutter defiantly gives you a break from the normal calculus and chemistry classes. Some of my favorite classes I have taken at the Academy include Introduction to Navigation, Introduction to Morals and Ethics, and Golf! The Academy ensures it provides equitable classes that will come in use when you are out in the fleet serving as an officer which I find much assurance in whenever I feel lost. Academics at the Academy certainly is challenging but I assure you that you will not find the gratification of attending the academy anywhere else!

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