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Post-Swab Summer Transition

Gina Sobinovsky | September 6, 2023
Gina Sobinovsky - 2026 As I made the transition from Swab Summer to the academic year, I realized that I needed to undergo a very significant mental shift of focus in order to be successful in a new environment. There was no longer a need to be on hyper alert to external stimuli like yelling from the cadre – instead, new challenges like time management and adjusting to a structured academic schedule became the new summit in need of conquering. I had always been a productive and diligent student in high school, but it was a stark realization to be struck with the reality that the same useful studying tactics that I used in the past were not sufficient in this new and unfamiliar setting. I learned that I needed to dedicate much more time to my comprehension of the material than I did in high school, a study technique that took a little time to develop in my schedule. I also found that my peers were especially instrumental and helpful in my learning, as many of them are better at teaching some subject matter than others. It was also an adjustment to account for the time required for military training and instruction throughout the day, an extra element of college that certainly provides a very unique experience. Through all of the challenges on a daily basis, I always find some time in the day to reflect on my life’s journey that brough me to this place and I become increasingly appreciative and grateful for all of those who helped me get to where I am today.

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