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Return to School

Mia Martinelli

Right now I am about four weeks into school and I’m still trying to find that smooth rhythm that everyone talks about! I have taken my first two exams and I have a few more just around the corner. The academics here are extremely different from my high school experience. There is a lot more responsibility and independence put on each cadet. I have already found planning and organization to be so important when it comes to school, military obligations, clubs, sports and councils!

I feel really excited to continue to meet and get to know cadets, professors, company officers/chiefs, etc. I signed up for a Coast Guard mentorship program, and foxtrot company also has its own mentorship initiative. I am hopeful that I can connect with people that I can continue to learn from and build relationships with.

I am practically counting down the days until Parents Weekend! My parents and two of my siblings are getting here on Friday. I am not entirely sure of the schedule, but I know I will be excused from lunch in the wardroom to eat with them on the lower field on Friday. I believe the swim team families are planning to meet up as well. Besides that, it will be nice to catch up and hangout with them off base.

Right after Parents Weekend, we start the first official swim team practice! I just can’t wait to get back in the water. I haven’t been competitively swimming normally for about 2 years now, because of a car accident and injury recovery, as well as restrictions due to the pandemic. It is so nice to have a new team and coach. We have been doing pre-season strength training 3 times a week, which I really enjoy.

This weekend was the first homecoming weekend. It is cool to see how this one place can bring together so many amazing people. My oldest sister (class of 2010) was here for her delayed homecoming and induction into the Hall of Fame for her achievements in Basketball. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

On Friday, the corps got a long, which basically means overnight liberty. Although there wasn’t really notice ahead of time, so like a lot of the 4/c, I didn’t really coordinate with anyone to take me anywhere, which means it has been a weekend of watching athletic teams, homework, and hanging out with friends. I don’t mind though, sometimes it is nice to just do nothing after a long week.

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